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Dirt Rider - 2024 Rawrr Mantis 72V First Ride Review

Over the past six years working with Dirt Rider, I’ve been able to ride an array of awesome bikes at some of the coolest tracks in California. This particular day checked both of those boxes as I got to swing a leg over the 2024 Rawrr Mantis 72V electric dirt bike at Blackmore Ranch in Murrieta, California. Up until then, I had only seen the property on social media and heard great things about it.

This would be my first time riding an ebike fully geared up on an actual track, rather than riding one in street clothes in a neighborhood setting, so needless to say I was excited for it. After draining a few batteries spinning laps on the meticulously prepped Blackmore Ranch course, I came away with a good understanding of the Mantis 72V. Read on to find out what it’s like to ride this exciting new electric off-road motorcycle.

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