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Rawrr Mantis is a complete electrical all-terrain bike.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes have a max motor power of 7500w and max torque of 50NM, achieving a top speed of 50 MPH with a range of 75 Miles (Regular Mode). It only takes 2.9s to accelerate from 0 to 30 mph.

Rawrr Mantis offers a huge 35 Amp Swappable 72V Samsung battery pack. The system has an integrated high-efficiency management module so that the power is abundant and stable and offers exceptional runtime to work seamlessly with the motor and controller.

Yes. All Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bike batteries and motors meet the IPX7 (IP: Ingress Protection) rating. They can be ridden in the rain through puddles and washed typically and can handle moderate water crossings in off-road environments. However, significant immersion in water is not advised, and pressure washers may damage the electrical circuit. We recommend you remove the battery when using a pressure washer to clean your Rawrr Mantis.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes select all-aluminum alloy to build a high-strength heavy-duty frame.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes use a Hydraulic Disc Brake system.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes are recreational bikes made for off-road use only, so you do not need a special license to operate them.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes are not designed and are not legal to be ridden on the road. They are only created for off-road activities. Following local laws and regulations when riding Rawrr Mantis is recommended.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes are designed for 18 years old and up to ride.

Yes, Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bikes come with a Limited Warranty Guide and User Manual Document. The manufacturer's certificate of origin is produced by Rawrr INC.

You can find a local dealer on our Dealer Map so you can book a test ride.

Rawrr Mantis All-Terrain Bike dealers have all the parts you need to purchase. Parts and accessories will be available to be purchased online soon.

Please visit our Locate Dealer page to find all authorized Rawrr dealers near you.

Duplicate MSO requests can only be made through the original selling dealer within 12 months of the first retail delivery. Your selling dealer must fill out the proper form and send it to our Dealer Sales Desk department for further assistance. This service is available to dealers only.

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