Warranty Policy

Rawrr Inc. offers a Limited Warranty on our products.

  • Rawrr Inc. offers a *30-day warranty on workmanship defects and operational issues for the unit.
  • Rawrr Inc. offers a *30-day warranty on all parts and OEM accessories.
  • Rawrr Inc. offers a *365-day warranty for the power system (motor, controller, display, and battery)
  • Rawrr Inc recommends that consumers conduct all their research thoroughly before doing your research before completing their purchase of a Rawrr Unit.

*From the date of the unit or product delivery


Warranty Exclusions

Rawrr Inc. excludes normal wear components (such as brake components, seals, bearings, chains, and suspension components, tires, rims, grips, handlebars, as well as exclusions for misuse of product, or failure caused by damages due to accident, collisions, or general neglect. Misuse may include altering any factory wiring or installing any non-genuine Rawrr parts, as well as any racing or competition use.  Any misuse in charging, discharging, or improperly storing the unit will also void this limited warranty.  Limited warranties are non-transferable, and you must have an original receipt (proof of purchase) from Rawrr Inc or a Rawrr Inc. authorized dealer.