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Cycle World - 2024 Rawrr Mantis 72V Electric Dirt Bike First Ride Review

E-motos are two-wheelers that appear to either be overgrown downhill mountain bikes that lost their pedals, or shrunken-down enduros with electric motors. No matter how you want to look at it, they’re blowing up in the market. These bikes are light, quick, relatively fast to charge, and super fun because they hit a unique mission: There’s basically no burden of practicality. They’re usually off-road-only so you’re just meant to hop on and rip or cruise while having fun. They’re also typically affordable and low-maintenance.

The $4,999 Rawrr Mantis 72V is one of these all-electric playbikes. Its 33.5-inch seat height and narrow, light chassis/motor combo (claimed 165 pounds with the 72V battery) make it very easy to ride for people new to throttle-powered two-wheelers, and easy to master for those with more experience. Rawrr is definitely easy to ride slow, but I also came here to find out how it rides fast. “Here” is Blackmore Ranch in Menifee, California, a supercool privately owned motorcycle complex that is dirt heaven.

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