Electric All-Terrain Bike

The ultimate dirt-shredding thrill machine.




0-30 MPH


Top Speed


Max Motor Power


(45N.M) Max Motor Torque




A Whole New Beast

It's a new era of riding. Introducing the Rawrr Mantis.

This all new all-terrain bike perfectly combines the power of a motocross bike with a light and agile mountain bike-inspired frame and chassis.

This combination creates an entirely new and unique riding experience.

Heavy Duty, Yet Lightweight

The Mantis uses 6,000 tons of pressure in the production of the all-aluminum alloy, high-strength frame. This process gives the frame and chassis exceptional hardness and rigidity, while maintaining overall lightness. 

Swappable Battery by Samsung

The Mantis offers an exceptionally large 38.5 Ah Samsung swappable battery pack. The system integrates a high-efficiency management module, seamlessly offering abundant and stable power, with exceptional runtime.

High-Output PMSM Motor

The Mantis has a powerful heart - 7500W of the latest generation of high-performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), providing incredible power and torque delivery.

Real-Time Performance Tracking

The Mantis FOC intelligent controller offers real-time monitoring of throttle, speed, motor torque and electric current power using a multi-curve compliance algorithm. The controller constantly optimizes your riding experience based on the data from your driving style, creating a riding experience that matches the way you ride! .

3 Riding Modes


Blazing Fast Speed

Take the lead in Turbo Mode with insane acceleration at 0 - 30 mph in 1.9 seconds with 62 mph top speed.


No Range Anxiety

Shift Rawrr into Eco Mode for endurance rides, with a max range of up to 81 miles. Still not enough? With the swappable battery, you’ll have enough juice for virtually unlimited mileage.


When You Need It

The Mantis offers a unique reverse mode that helps you back out of a jam and get back to the ride.

Your Style, Your Ride

Rawrr is engineered to be fully customizable - upgrade almost any part you want. And with adjustable suspension, you can fine tune your ride.

Detailed Specs

Unlimited Grins Per Mile