designed to unleash

We created RAWRR to do more than build yet another electric two-wheeler. We saw an opportunity to create a whole new riding experience, to unleash the power for a new set of riders to go anywhere, and unlock the fun, friendships and life lessons you can only experience while ripping through the dirt on two wheels. We brought real riders, racers, engineers, and designers together with this goal in mind.

The result is something greater than the sum of its parts or its numbers, greater even than a bike. It’s an ass-hauling, jump-hunting, singletrack-shredding electric motorcycle anyone can ride—a fully integrated extension of the rider and an expression of their style.

We carefully honed the right mix of superior power, rider-centric ergonomics, heavy duty construction and advanced technology, and it all comes together seamlessly to blur the lines between rider and bike, freeing the rider to JUST UNLEASH.

our purpose

we unleash the power for anyoneto go anywhere.

Our bikes are easy to ride, accessible and low-cost, meaning anyone can have a go. With On-Road & Off-Road variations, there’s no limit to where you can ride.

our mission

to be the leading lightweight

emoto brand.

people / professionalism / brand

our values


We want riders to experience genuine fun, excitement and the freedom to ‘go anywhere’. We set our riders free to express themselves through stunt, style and sharing.


We bring riders together and inspire them to create memories and form bonds that last a lifetime. We focus on inclusivity, community and social connection.


We’re not here to simply ‘exist’. We’re here to shake things up. For us, winning is about disruptive innovation, inspired design and rapid progression. We lead, we don’t follow.


We empower riders to write their own rules and define what’s possible on our bikes, but safety and sustainability are at the core of everything we do. Access requires responsibility.